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"This victory is for the people."Template:Infobox character Talos is one of the characters of Rising Thunder.  He is the main grappler in the series thusfar.  He imposes his will through armored hard hitting attacks.  Talos is brutally effective from short range.  His up-close grappling attacks (Meteor Slam and forward heavy) gain armor instantly, or gain armor when charged (Meteor Breaker, Titan Smash).

Biography[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

In-game Quote In-game Corresponding Greek Quote Vocal Pronounciation Said At English Translation
"You don't want to do this. Trust me." "Πίστεψέ με. Θα το μετανιώσεις αυτό. "Pístepsé me. Tha to metanió̱sis aftó̱." Match Intro "Trust me. You will regret this."
"Get the drinks ready!" "Ετοιμάστε τα ποτά!" "Etimáste ta potá!" Round win [Corresponding Quote matches the translation]
"This victory is for the people!" "Μια νίκη για χάρη του λαού!" "Mia níki̱ ya chári̱ tú laú!" Match win [Corresponding Quote matches the translation]
"Εμπρός!" [Quote already in Greek] "Ebrós!" Spartan Rush "Forward!"
"Η Ελλάδα πολεμάει για τη γη!" [Quote already in Greek] "I̱ EláT͟Ha polemái ya ti yi!" Menu "Greece fights for the land/earth!"
"Ο Δίας μας χαμογελάει!" [Quote already in Greek] "O T͟Hías mas chamoyelái!" Menu "Zeus is smiling at us!"
"Θα έχεις τη στήριξή μου!" [Quote already in Greek] "Tha éhis ti̱ sti̱riχi̱ mú!" Menu "You will have my support!"
"Για την Αθήνα!"

[α is vocally prolongued in this case]

[Quote already in Greek] "Ya ti̱n Athí̱na!" [a is vocally prolongued in this case] Loss "For Athens!"
"Denied!" - - Titan Smash [Quote already in English]
"Prepare to be crushed!" - - Colossal Crush [Quote already in English]
"Crush!" - - Colossal Crush [Quote already in English]
"Titan drop!" - - Air Throw [Quote already in English]
"Have a seat!" - - Air Throw [Quote already in English]
"Right there!" - - Throw [Quote already in English]
"Ακριβώς εκεί!" [Quote already in Greek] "Akrivó̱s ekí!" Back Throw "Right there!"
"Μαγνήτης!" [Quote already in Greek] "Magní̱ti̱s!" Magnetic Buster "Magnet!"

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Talos is a gigantic mech, made to resemble the famous Greek Hoplites. [needs citation] With a primary yellow color, black secondary, and finally purple highlights and effects on his magnetic moves and engine.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Xander appears to fit the profile of your typical boisterous bruiser. He's nothing if not confident in his skills, and seems to always feel assured of his victory. However, if both his surname and his round win quote are anything to go by, he may be a fun-loving party animal when he's not fighting. Furthermore, his "put the money on the table" win quote hints at him viewing matches as a game-like contest rather than a vitriolic duel. All together, this can help keep his confidence from seeming arrogant.

It can also be construed from his match win quote that he is something of a patriot. Or, perhaps, a champion of the common folk.

This arrogant persona, seemingly money driven and competitive nature, and patriotic viewpoint are similar in nature to stereotypical european football players and other european sporting archtypes. 

Story[edit | edit source]

Stage[edit | edit source]

Theme Music[edit | edit source]

Moveset[edit | edit source]

Movement Options[edit | edit source]

Grounded Normals[edit | edit source]

Input Description Frame Data Damage Stun Notes
Far Standing Light Talos longest poke that can be canceled into a special. Combos into Spartan Rush at all distances. 35 50
Far Standing Medium Good range, decently fast. Can't be canceled. 75 100
Far Standing Heavy Talos longest range grounded normal. Slow, but does good damage. Can't be canceled. 110 200
Close Standing Light Fast light normal, can be used decently well as a anti-air. Whiffs on crouching opponents. Can be canceled. 35 50
Close Standing Medium Launches opponents on hit. Can be canceled into specials. 70 100
Close Standing Heavy Talos go-to combo starter. Can be canceled into any other normal on hit and block. Can be canceled into specials. 90 100
Crouching Light Decently fast light. Talos go-to hitconfirm normal for lights. Can be canceled. 35 50
Crouching Medium Hits low and can be canceled. Have slightly less range than Far Standing Light. 70 100
Crouching Heavy Sweep. Hits low and knocks down the opponent. Same range as Far Standing Medium. 105 150
Standing Back Medium Command normal. Hits overhead and brings the opponent closer to Talos. Can be canceled into specials. 70 100
Spartan Kick (Standing Forward Heavy) Command normal. Have one hit of armor on start-up and does a wall bounce on hit. 90 150

Air Normals[edit | edit source]

Input Description Frame Data Damage Stun Notes
Neutral Light Talos longest reaching neutral air normal. Speed and long reach makes it suitable at measuring space or stopping air attacks. 55 50
Neutral Medium Fast medium normal. Decent range. 85 100
Neutral Heavy Reaches a good distances downwards, useful for punishing someone if they whiffed something big, such as a opponent Talos Meteor Drop. 105 200
Diagonal Light Fast, short range, but can be canceled into air specials. 55 50
Diagonal Medium Strong all purpose normal. Good hitbox, can cross-up. 85 100
Diagonal Heavy Useful for punishes. 105 200
Down Medium Makes Talos fall faster, effectively giving him a short jump. Can be done both neutral and diagonal jump. Can cross-up. 85 100
Down Heavy Talos go-to cross-up attack. Does a lot of damage, but can't hit in front no matter what. Can be done both neutral and diagonal jump. 105 200

Specials[edit | edit source]

Name Input Description Frame Data Damage Stun Notes
Meteor Breaker Alpha A command grab. Can be charged to do more damage and gain armor. The charge can be canceled with a Dash in either direction.

Meteor Breaker is Talos bread and butter special. Is fast, and with long enough range to be tick-throw into reliably. Can be Kinetic Advanced for more damage.

100/75(175) 100


Alpha A command grad. Becomes armored immediately, but it cannot be charged or kinetic-canceled like Meteor Breaker. Hard knockdown on opponent allow safe just setup and mixup opportunities. 150 100
Titan Smash Beta A anti-air special. Can be charged to do more damage and gain armor. The charge can be canceled with a Dash in either direction.

Titan Smash is Talos go to anti-air and combo ender. Even tho the special have no invincibility or armor with no charge, it got huge range and is fast enough to be very reliable. Can be Kinetic Advanced for more damage.

150 150
Magnetic Buster Gamma A unique special that drags the opponent towards Talos. Can be done in the air. If you press Gamma again, Talos will do a follow up for more damage.

Magnetic Buster allows to bring the opponent to him and perform some devastating resets. Air Magnetic Buster is known to be very ambiguous in it's resets.

50/100(150) 50/100(150)
Spartan Rush Gamma Pressure/Combo-ender special. Can be done in the air. If you press Gamma again, Talos will do a follow up for more damage.

Spartan Rush is a fast, damaging special that can be comboed from light attacks. It allows Talos to score a knockdown from light attacks, which he normally can't do. First hit is safe.

75/100(175) 100/100(200)

Meter and Super[edit | edit source]

Name Input Description Frame Data Damage Notes
Colossal Crush Overdrive An instant grab. Can be comboed into on grounded opponents. Invincible for a short period.

If the opponent did not perform a grab immune action before the super flash, such as a jump, they can't escape the super. The moment it activates it grabs the opponent.


Combos[edit | edit source]

Name Inputs What it's useful for Other notes Example video(s)
BnB 1 Forward Heavy > Titan Smash > Dash Cancel Forward > Spartan Rush Good combo to follow up on your Forward Heavy + Titan Smash This combo is one of the most basic combos that you can accomplish with Talos.
BnB 1.1 Forward Heavy > Light > Titan Smash > Dash Cancel Forward >Spartan Rush Good combo to follow up on your Forward Heavy + Titan Smash This is a slightly modified version of BnB 1, with a tiny bit of added damage. youtube
BnB 1.2 Forward Heavy > Back Medium > Titan Smash> Dash Cancel Forward >Spartan Rush Good combo to follow up on your Forward Heavy + Titan Smash. This is a slightly modified version of the BnB's, this one has the most damage, keep in mind you need to inch up a bit and do Titan Wreak almost instantly after Back Medium. youtube
Medium Opener Close Medium > Titan Smash > Dash Cancel Forward > Spartan Rush Good combo you can follow out of a close medium strike. Good move to punish, This is another basic combo that can lead to easy wins. youtube
Spartan Rush combo Close Heavy > Crouching Medium > Spartan Rush It's a good little combo you can use during footsie/ small punish. Doesn't do much damage compared to other combos but it's fast and simple, also doesn't cost any kinetic. youtube
Heavy Air Opener Air Heavy > Close Heavy(x2) > Forward Heavy > Back Medium > Titan Smash > Dash Cancel Forward > Spartan Rush Harder to pull off, but a strong combo after you land an a heavy air hit. After the Heavy Air you can do 1-3 Close Heavies ( depends on how close you land ) 1/2 are obviously safer options because if you heavy when they are too far you push them away and you will not be able to combo them. youtube
Grab spartan combo Grab > Dash Cancel Forward > Spartan Rush Good little combo you can do off of a grab. You can also do this with your Alpha ( Meteor Breaker ). youtube

Strategy[edit | edit source]

General Strategy[edit | edit source]

Talos is a Grappler. He is strongest at point-blank range, where all of his attacks and command throws are a threat. However, getting in close can often be half the battle. When trying to approach a standing and active opponent, often your best bet is to simply walk forward on the ground without jumping too much. Dash if you're very far away or have a plan for when you get near your opponent, but never feel bad about simply walking and blocking. With grapplers, patience is utmost.

Mid-range strategy

Once you're in striking range of your opponent, but not close enough for command throws, that's when things can get hairy. Talos has some decent pokes at that range, such as Standing Far Heavy, Crouching Heavy, and even Spartan Kick. Only use Spartan Kick sparingly, or when you believe the opponent is about to attack you, as it is unsafe on block, though hitting with its maximum range can mitigate the opponent's ability to punish it. Striking range should be close enough for the magnetic pull of charged Meteor Breaker, Titan Smash, and Magnetic Buster to reach the opponent, making those viable options if used sparingly. Remember that the chargeup animation for Meteor Breaker and Titan Smash are identical, making it impossible for the opponent to know whether or not they should jump or stay grounded. They can simply defeat the armor with a multi-hitting attack or a super however, so be careful. Similarly, Spartan Rush can be a useful way to abruptly attack and close in on the opponent. If you only press the button once and don't do the followup attack, Spartan Rush is safe on block, allowing you to execute close up offense directly after.

Other mid-range options include neutral jumping (jumping directly upwards) and attacking them with the maximum range of a jumping attack as you fall, which can be difficult for the opponent to punish. You can attempt to jump towards the opponent of course, but do so thoughtfully, preferably only when you think they're going to attack you with a move that you can jump over, and that they won't recover from in time to defend against a jumping attack easily. Otherwise, they can counter you with an anti-air or reversal, all of which are a single button-press away in Rising Thunder. Conversely, your anti-air options are also only a button press away, and Talos has some solid ones. Be prepared for their attempted jump-ins. Should they jump in while you aren't attacking, you can fairly easily react with a Titan Smash, which has an enormous hitbox and will surely catch them if they jumped towards you too late. If they jump over one of your ground attacks, or you simply weren't expecting them to jump at you, you still may have time to do a Spartan Kick or a Meteor Slam as they fall, which should prevent their jump-in attack with your super armor, and then counterhit them. A well-timed backdash can also evade an opponent's attack. If all else fails, just block! As a grappler you have the distinct advantage of being in a good position should your opponent place themself close to you, even if they do so with offensive momentum. Again, patience is key. Never feel bad about blocking, even when taking chip damage from specials. Talos has a lot of health for a reason. Many of these defensive tips and options are just as useful should your opponent knock you down and attempt to attack you as you get up, even should they attempt to cross you up. Just block or use your attacks in the opposite direction.

At mid-range, many opponents will begin to play a "run away" game, where they constantly move or jump backwards away from you. This can seem frustrating, as it does, in fact, nullify most if not all of your midrange options. However, in the long term, the opponent is actually doing you a favor, as they will eventually reach the corner with nowhere to run. This is a position that is quite favorable for Talos, so it is often worth it to just be patient with a flighty opponent and "walk" them into the corner, where you can then force them to deal with your mid-range and close-range offense. Consider any gained ground as a minor victory, even if it doesn't immediately lead to damage. Just be wary of smarter opponents who run away, only to move back towards you with an attack suddenly.

Close range strategy

Once you've managed to close in on your opponent - or they closed in on you and you blocked their pressure well enough to gain an offensive opening of your own - Talos' strong close-range game begins. Since Talos' ground throws are a large threat, especially when he has a full super meter, you can expect many opponents to plan their defense and escape around avoiding his throws. As a grappler, your job is to take advantage of this frame of mind to hit them with one of your other attacks while they worry about your throws. Then after you've done this a few time and conditioned them to fear your non-throws, you hit them with a throw when they're on defense.

The most common form of throw escape is for the opponent to jump. Since jumping animations are throw-invulnerable from frame 1, a throw will whiff against a jumping opponent even if it looks like the opponent is still on the ground, in the "windup" of the jump. This makes it the optimal solution for avoiding ground throws. Of course, Talos has a variety of responses to this. Titan Smash is the most obvious one, though it can require you to predict your opponent's jump, as it might not catch them on reaction if they get too far away before you press the button. More all-purpose solutions include many of your Close normals, including a simple string of Standing Close Lights. These will often hit an opponent as they jump up, and will also hit them even if they don't jump, unlike a throw. If you hit them, Close normals, Standing Far Light, and Crouching Light can all be cancelled into specials or other normals for respectable combos. Even if they block, you can cancel your Light attacks into further pressure.

You can do other quick mid-level attacks to keep them from doing anything, go low with Crouching Medium or Crouching Heavy, attempt an overhead with Back Medium, jump towards them for a high or a crossup, or do a tick throw.

Be careful with your pressure though. Any opponent with a proper reversal, such as Chel's Crush Breeze or Edge's Judgment, can use it during any gaps in your pressure no matter how small to counter hit any following attack that you do. As such, it can sometimes be worthwhile to halt your pressure briefly and hold back or down-back to block, especially if you've seen them use a reversal at a particular point in your pressure before. A blocked reversal is almost always a chance to do a massive punish combo on your opponent. Talos especially gets a lot of opportunities for this, as a reversal tends to be the other most common way in which opponents will attempt to avoid his throws. So consider waiting a moment and blocking sometimes, when you would normally try to throw the opponent.

Once the opponent has been hit out of the air and punished for using reversals a few times, they'll become a lot more reluctant to do those things as liberally as they once did. At which point you can almost walk up and throw them for free as they defend on the ground. A good opponent will constantly vary up what they do to try and escape your offense, however, turning it into a true guessing game. However, at close range, its a guessing game that is stacked heavily in Talos' favor.

Kinetic Deflect or Kinetic Advance[edit | edit source]

While Talos is a beast on the offense, with highly damaging combos and powerful resets, he's severely lacking in defense. He's slow, and his only move that his immediately armored on start-up is his Forward Heavy, so he is very weak if pressured. His only real defense is his naturally high health.

Kinetic Deflect allows him to break combos and reset the neutral, giving him some breathing room. Against powerful rushdown characters, such as Edge, this can be a life saver.

However, you are giving up Kinetic Advance for this, which allows Talos to combo off his Meteor Drop and Titan Wreak, and perform some devastating combos. Kinetic Advance is very scary on Talos, as it allows him to essentially make any of his moves safe or give him a relatively free get-in on the opponent.  Kinetic Advance likewise allows for rapid regeneration of his devestating grabs and useful Gamma Moves, which can be extremely critical since Titan Smash is Talos's main anti-air option.

Both Kinetic gives Talos benefits. Choosing between them is up too you on what you feel the match-up needs.

Matchups[edit | edit source]

Main cast[edit | edit source]

Edge [edit | edit source]

Edge is a difficult character to play against. Edge has the ability to put on a lot of pressure and do some good mix-ups which can punish Talos if predicted. Edge also has the ability to do many combos out of a cross up so being aware of what edge can do after a cross-up will help. Edge can be punished if they are read and punished accordingly. When fighting Edge it can be beneficial to take Kinetic Deflect to prevent combos and to be able to capitalize on forcing a neutral again. Spartan Kick ( Forward + Heavy ) can be used as a reactive move to stop edge from charging in and will allow a combo to be performed.

Dauntless [edit | edit source]

Dauntless has a very ground heavy game and most of the combos will be performed starting on the ground. A passive playstyle focusing on reading and reacting with a Spartan Kick ( Forward + Heavy ) will allow for good combos and damage to be done. Alpha ( Meteor Breaker ) should be used to punish excessive blocking. Watching out for Dauntless' abilities such as Vandal hook and Revolving hook is important as they can be used to bait a player into attacking allowing Dauntless to punish.

Chel[edit | edit source]

Chel's strength comes from zoning, primarily from her fireball.  Therefore, neutral jumps and Spartan Rush will help getting some fireballs without being hurt. Be careful when jumping near a Chel because Beta (Crushing Breeze) is used as an anti air and is very effective. Blocking a Chel's special ability (Dancing Wind) will allow for a grab combo punish. Playing aggressive in the neutral and forcing Chel into the corner will allow for big combos and bigger punishes.

Crow[edit | edit source]

Crow's throw lots of fireballs in the neutral and can do many cross-ups and combos starting from the air. Blocking and using beta ability (Titan smash) as an aerial punish is important for slowing Crow down. Being aware of Crow's possible mix-ups is important to allow the ability to predict and use Spartan Kick (Forward + Heavy) to punish. Crows biggest flaw is his get up options, therefore a knocked down Crow is an easy Crow. 

Talos [edit | edit source]

Talos dittos require patience and knowing how to punish slow moves, knowing what combos can punish is important to winning this match-up. Like Crow, Talos is limited on his get up options.  Due to Spartan Kick (Forward + Heavy), one typically shouldnt rely too greatly on Talos's normals for combo opening when fighting another Talos.  Using grabs and Meteor Slam in particular when at close range can help prevent him from capitalizing on a knocked-down state

Vlad[edit | edit source]

Vlad is one of the easier match-ups because of his flying mechanic is easily punishable with beta ability (Titan Smash) .While Vlad can use Cosmonaut Liftoff as an effective way to get up and can also be used as an anti-air, blocking a Wake-Up Cosmonaut Liftoff will allow big combos and an easy punish.

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